Pisanggoreng & Mimpi (Wild Ones)

Just when I’m about to write my unfulfilled passion, I got overwhelmed by my melow-welow feeling, and the outcome is that “Losing” post. Gee, sometimes I wonder, how do I get here?

I never imagine I could be in this kind of thing.

Anyway, what I was about to write is, being this 20 something is tinkled my thoughts. I was thinking, I used to be that kind of bucket-list girl, with my wildest dreams ever.

But now, somehow, those passion is.. I wont call it dissapear, its more like, they’re swept away. But they’re still calling me, asking to be fulfilled.

I used to be a kind of woman, with huge dreams, huge expectations, and huge efforts to achive those.

But now, I don’t seem to be that-much-passionate person anymore. I have no idea what brought me into this. I want my passion back…!!

I remember once, about years ago, me and a pal wrote our before-25-bucket-list. As I checked them now, its not even close to be marked “achieved”.

I want it back, I want to travel, I want to do new things, I want to see the world, the whole world..!!!


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